Gender Determination – Do I Want to Know?

Gender determination is something that should not be taken lightly.  Some couples want to know while others are somewhat apprehensive.  In some cases, couples are split on wanting to know.  At the end of the day, gender determination is a private decision that should be made together.  Below are some thoughts to consider as you determine whether gender determination is right for you.

Knowing Ahead of Time

If gender determination is something you and your significant other have decided upon then we can help!  Our registered sonographers are experienced with gender ultrasound.  Some couples choose to have our registered sonographer perform their gender ultrasound at a private gender reveal party or baby shower. We can accommodate up to 30 guests who can watch as gender determination is conducted. A gender ultrasound can be performed by a registered sonographer with 100% accuracy at 16 weeks.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting to find out the gender of your baby. If gender determination is not something you both have agreed upon together, then it is certainly alright to wait.  The decision is yours and yours alone.  Our registered sonographers can still perform your 3D and 4D ultrasounds.  And, you can still have a baby shower.  It’s just that you choose to enjoy being surprised on the day your precious little one is born!!

If gender determination is something you and your significant other agree upon, then contact us to schedule your gender ultrasound and gender reveal party or baby shower today!

Gender Reveal Parties – The Latest Trend

Gender reveal parties are trending as more and more couples choose this popular and exciting way to announce the gender of their baby. Gender reveal parties are becoming more standard – and expected – as magazines, blogs and national television shows continue to promote this hot trend.

View a Miracle offers gender reveal party and private baby shower options to help you make your big announcement.  Our secluded and beautiful private room accommodates up to 30 friends and family members.  If you select our gender reveal party option, you will choose your gender reveal from a giant three-foot black balloon, flutter fetti sticks, flutter cannons or a box of balloons.  Our registered RDMS sonographer will conduct your gender reveal as your family and friends wait in anticipation.  Once the gender reveal is complete, the party begins!

You are welcome to decorate the room any way you would like.  We also encourage you to bring food and non-alcoholic drinks for your guests to enjoy. Included in your gender reveal party is one DVD of your ultrasound session, one CD of color photos for you to print or e-mail from home, six 5” X 4” sonogram photos, and a large heartbeat stuffed animal with a recording of your baby’s heartbeat.  Gender reveal parties may only last a few hours, but we make sure you have recorded memories to enjoy for a lifetime!

View a Miracle takes the stress out of how to conduct your gender reveal and where to conduct your gender reveal party and/or baby shower by offering affordable package options.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you make your big announcement!

Survey: Are you going to find out the gender or your baby?

Amazing Reactions At Kristie’s Gender Reveal!

Kristie’s gender reveal was a big celebration for her family and friends.

We had a cupcake waiting for Kristie right after having her gender determination ultrasound at View A Miracle.  When she bit into it, surprise!

The day you find out if its a baby boy or girl at View a Miracle will be a day you’ll never forget so gather your family and friends to take part in the big event.  We’ll help you plan your gender reveal party!

Remember, the gender of your baby can often be determined at just twelve weeks.  Gender determination can be done with 100% accuracy at 16 weeks.  So why wait!

It’s never too early to start planning your gender reveal celebration.  View a Miracle can help you plan your gender reveal party by offering some innovative ways to make your announcement.

Contact us today to learn more about gender reveal packages and options and to book your appointment.

Planning Your Gender Reveal Celebration

Gender reveal celebrations have become an extremely popular maternity trend.  Instead of simply finding out the gender of their baby, couples are planning their announcements in a whole new way.  Let’s take a look at some creative ideas:

Gender Reveal Party

Gather your friends and family to take part in your big announcement.  We can help you plan your gender reveal party by offering some innovative ways to make your announcement.  For instance, once we know the gender of your baby, we can keep it a secret and send you home with something to share with your friends such as a large balloon with gender specific confetti or a wrapped package with a stuffed animal for either a boy or a girl.  We love to get creative!

YouTube Announcement

Perhaps you want to share your gender reveal celebration with more than just nearby family and friends.  We can offer tips on how to develop a creative YouTube gender reveal video.

Live Stream Gender Reveal Celebration

This is popular for people with family and friends who live far away.  It is also a good option for deployed military families to ensure mom, dad and the entire family can experience the gender reveal celebration together.  We can offer tips and advice to help you plan your live gender reveal using a number of streaming options, including Facebook Live, Skype, Facetime and more.

Bring the Party to Us!

We welcome your family, friends and invited guests to come and see us perform your 3D/4D Ultrasound live as we creatively reveal the gender of your baby.

In many cases, the gender of your baby can be determined in twelve weeks. At 16 weeks, we can reveal your baby’s gender with 100% accuracy.

It’s never too early to start planning your gender reveal celebration.  The only thing more exciting than the gender reveal is the actual delivery of your sweet little miracle. Contact us today to learn more about gender reveal packages and options and to book your appointment.

Why Should I Get a 3D / 4D Ultrasound?

Why Should I Get a 3D / 4D Ultrasound?Whether you are a first time mom or already have children, the nine months your baby develops and grows in your womb are incredible.  Capturing clear photos and/or video of your baby in utero is not only a bonding experience, but something you and your entire family will treasure forever.

2D vs. 3D / 4D Ultrasound

A traditional 2D ultrasound uses soundwaves to generate a black and white thermal image of your baby inside your womb. Technology has advanced to where it is now possible to capture much more detailed color photos and/or videos of your baby in utero. 3D ultrasound captures full color images.  In many cases, you can see your baby’s features and sometimes even his/her facial expressions.  4D ultrasound takes video of your baby.  Some clients have witnessed their baby moving, turning and even sucking their thumb.  The ideal time for 3D / 4D ultrasound is between 26-34 weeks.  We have clients who come multiple times during this period so they can capture images and video of their baby in various stages of movement and development.

The Ultimate Bonding Experience

Nothing compares to the moment you actually see your baby for the very first time.  The opportunity to see your baby in the womb is an experience mom, dad and the rest of the family will never forget.  3D / 4D ultrasound gives everyone a chance to have a much deeper bonding experience with the baby before he/she is born.

Boy or Girl?

We will respect your wishes as to whether or not you want to know the gender of your baby.  We can determine whether you are having a boy or a girl in as early as 12 weeks.  We can definitely determine your baby’s gender by week 16.  Some clients who want to know the sex of their baby invite friends and family for a gender reveal party.  Contact us to find our more.

Meeting Brother or Sister for the Very First Time

We welcome and encourage you to bring your children! Meeting little brother or little sister in the womb helps siblings develop bonds much earlier.  We love seeing children excited to see what is growing inside mom’s belly.  3D / 4D ultrasound offers children an experience that they, too, will never forget.

Centrally Located – NJ, PA, NY

Our East Brunswick, New Jersey location draws people from throughout New Jersey and even as far away as Pennsylvania and New York. Much of our business comes from referrals and from people who know and trust our qualifications and high level of service.  We are open seven days a week to accommodate your schedule.  Contact us to book your appointment today.

3D 4D Ultrasound Reviews from Pennsylvania

We often have customers from PA tell us that it was well worth the drive to View A Miracle for their 3D 4D Ultrasound.

Read what Nicole posted to our Facebook page.

“We drove an hour and a half from PA to come here because this was the earliest place we could find out the gender. Boy, the drive was absolutely worth it. We were immediately greeted by the receptionist(I didn’t catch her name) who was so friendly and welcoming. She went out of her way multiple times to help us. Kayla was so great. She really took her time and explained everything we were looking at. We didn’t feel rushed, as others have mentioned. We truly felt welcomed and almost like we were family. We would definitely make this drive to come back to have the same experience than to go anywhere local in PA for future ultrasounds.”
Nicole Breland

Read what Marcia posted to our Facebook page.

“It was an amazing experience. We saw our little girl so perfectly! She is so pretty. I loved it. Totally worth it. Kayla is very sweet. I highly recommend View A Miracle. Thanks!”
Marcia Campanha Gallen

View A Miracle:  “Thank you Marcia Campanha Gallen for coming in from Pennsylvania to see your precious little girl in 3D/4D before her arrival in August! We appreciate such kind words and your referrals!”

Read what Amanda posted to our Facebook page.

“This is my first pregnancy and seeing the 3D ultrasound of my little boy at 14 weeks was absolutely amazing. Words can not describe how much joy it brought and being able to hear his heart beat everyday in the stuffed animal helps to bring me even closer to my bundle of joy! I cannot wait to come back when I’m further along to see him again! Thank you!”
Amanda Panda

View A Miracle: “Can’t wait to see how much he’s grown during his next ultrasound! With your due date Amanda Panda ~ the best time to come back in for the 3D/4D scan will be towards the end of June into July. Thank you for taking the drive in from Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania and for telling others about our services.”

Read what Tim posted to our Facebook page.

“View A Miracle does an excellent job and the staff is great! If you are expecting, you should stop by!”
Tim Bailer

View A Miracle: “Thank you Tim Bailer for driving in from Pennsylvania to see your little one due in July! We’ll see you, Marybeth and baby again in April for your next 3D/4D ultrasound session!”

Host Your Baby Shower at View A Miracle

Gather together and host your (best friend’s, daughter’s, co-worker’s, daughter-in-law’s) baby shower at View A Miracle.

  • 4 hour baby shower located in a beautiful private room (1/2 hour for set-up)
  • You will need to bring any decorations, paper products, food and drinks (non-alcoholic) that you desire.
  • Can accommodate up to 30 family and friends.
  • 50% deposit required at booking (non-refundable).

Call (732) 422-7022 to reserve your party date.