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Scheduling is easy!  Use our online scheduler below to find a date and time that works best for you. An email confirmation will be sent to you immediately once you finish scheduling your appointment- enter your information correctly. The dates and times that are showing are kept up to date. Please select the day and time you would like to come in. See a date/time to click on? That means it IS AVAILABLE to book. Do not call to verify. We are open for your appointment. Google will not display our available times. This is our ONLY calendar for booking appointments. We will not schedule your appointment over the phone.

Online Booking Available 24/7! Our appointment availabilities are here on our website where you can view dates/times that work best for your schedule.  Scheduling is easy and you will receive a confirmation immediately after successfully booking. Should you need to reschedule or cancel your ultrasound appointment, there is a one click “Cancel My Appointment” button at the bottom of your confirmation email or you can log into your account to do so.

There is no “small print”!  We want to make this experience as enjoyable & as stress free as we possibly can for you and your growing family. We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay & Google Pay. We do NOT accept any insurances.

The ideal timing to come for your 3D/4D or 5D/HD LIVE ultrasound session is between your 26th-32nd week in pregnancy. Having Twins? It is recommended to come earlier between your 22nd – 24th week in pregnancy when the babies can more easily move into better positions for imaging.  

PLEASE NOTE:  To be eligible for an elective prenatal ultrasound at “View A Miracle”, women should already be receiving treatment from a healthcare provider for prenatal care or have a scheduled appointment with a healthcare provider.   If you have not had an ultrasound done, then you will need to do the pregnancy confirmation ultrasound with us.  During the elective prenatal ultrasound session, a limited diagnostic scan will be conducted to confirm a heartbeat, the number of babies in the pregnancy, the position of the baby, and the placental location.  AT NO TIME IS THIS EXAM TO BE USED IN PLACE OF A COMPLETE DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND.  We make no exceptions and hold ourselves to an extremely high standard of care!