Early Pregnancy Confirmation

You’re Pregnant! What’s Next?

It’s time to schedule your first OB appointment! However, you may not be able to see your little miracle as early as you had hoped. Most first trimester ultrasounds are booked well into your third month of pregnancy at your doctor’s office. That’s why you should visit us at View A Miracle. We are guaranteed to get you in sooner for an appointment and can even send your doctor a full report for an additional fee!

Early Pregnancy Confirmation

See your baby’s heart beat for the first time, as early as 6 weeks! Our registered sonographer can also measure baby and determine how far along you are exactly.

Twins or multiples run in the family? We can confirm the number/location of gestational sacs as well.

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Pregnancy Confirmation/Viability


Beginning as early as 6 weeks, this transvaginal ultrasound will determine how many weeks pregnant you are, the location and number of gestational sacs, size of the baby and measurement of heartbeat.

If you have NOT yet had an ultrasound done for your current pregnancy, you will need to do this scan first.

For an additional $50, a medical report from this pregnancy confirmation/ viability scan can be added and sent to you via email which you can then bring to your doctor or midwife.

Early Pregnancy Confirmation

Early Pregnancy Confirmation

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Early Pregnancy Confirmation

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Early Pregnancy Confirmation

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Early Pregnancy Confirmation

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Early Pregnancy Confirmation

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Early Pregnancy Confirmation

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Early Pregnancy Confirmation

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