You Can Try Some Old Wives Tales, But….

You Can Try Some Old Wives Tales, But….

We are often asked if gender reveal wives tales really work.  We believe the only way to make accurate gender determination is either by having a gender DNA test / gender blood test or gender reveal ultrasound.  However, some of the old wives tales that have been around for generations can still be used for entertainment purposes.  Here are a few:

Ring Test

The “ring test” has been around for ages.  Tie your wedding ring to a string and hang it above your belly.  If it swings back and forth, you are having a girl according to the old wives tale.  If it swings in a circle, you are having a boy.

Body Temperature

Some say that if you are cold, you are having a boy.  If you are often hot and sweaty, you are having a girl.


This old wives tale says that sweet cravings indicate a girl; salty cravings indicate a boy.

Morning Sickness

Another old wives tale states that morning sickness is a sign of having a girl.

Swollen Legs

Some say that swollen legs are indicative of carrying a boy.

While these can be fun to ponder, if you really want to know the gender of your baby with certainty, View A Miracle is here for you! Our gender DNA test / gender blood test can be performed as early as eight weeks and gender determination can be made with 99.1% accuracy.  Some women choose to follow-up their gender DNA test / gender blood test with a gender reveal ultrasound.  A gender reveal ultrasound can be performed as early as 12 weeks.  Best of all, once you know whether you are having a girl or boy, View A Miracle even has fun gender reveal items and party space to help you plan the perfect gender reveal party!

Whether you are interested in gender reveal or want the full 3D/4D ultrasound and/or HD Live ultrasound experience, your friends at View A Miracle are ready to help you make lasting memories. Give us a call or book an appointment online today!