Gender Determination and 3D 4D Ultrasound Photos and Videos in East Brunswick, NJ.

Amazing Reactions At Kristie’s Gender Reveal!

Kristie’s gender reveal was a big celebration for her family and friends.

We had a cupcake waiting for Kristie right after having her gender determination ultrasound at View A Miracle.  When she bit into it, surprise!

The day you find out you’re having a baby boy or baby girl at View A Miracle will be a day you’ll never forget so gather your family and friends to take part in the big event.  We’ll help you plan your gender reveal party!

Amazing Reactions At Kristie's Gender Reveal!

The gender of your baby can now be determined as early as 6 weeks through DNA blood test.  Gender determination can be done with 100% accuracy at 16 weeks via 2D ultrasound.  So why wait!

Amazing Reactions At Kristie's Gender Reveal!It’s never too early to start planning your gender reveal celebration.  View A Miracle can help you plan your gender reveal party by offering some innovative ways to make your announcement.

Contact us today to learn more about gender reveal packages and options and to book your appointment.

Amazing Reactions At Kristie's Gender Reveal!

Staten Island, NY

Special thanks to our Staten Island, New York 3D 4D and Gender ultrasound clients.

Thank you for crossing the bridge! We’re just 14 miles from the Outerbridge Crossing and we’re located at 350 Cranbury Rd., East Brunswick, NJ 08816 (Exit 9 on the Turnpike). We’re thankful you chose us as your ultrasound provider.

Great experience for new parents.  Will definitely go again in the future.

Boy, the drive was absolutely worth it.

Best experience ever!

3D 4D Ultrasound at 23 Weeks Video

Here is a clip of a tiny yet mighty baby at just 23 weeks! We use the technology of 3D 4D ultrasounds to capture these beautiful moments of babies before they are even born. Every pregnancy is different and every baby truly is unique from the very beginning.

Christmas at View A Miracle

We love updates of our #ViewAMiracleBabies that we once saw in utero thanks to 2D/3D/4D/5D/HD LIVE ultrasound technology! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the journey! Merry Christmas to all of our babies!

Christmas at View A Miracle