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What is Early Gender DNA Blood Test?

Our Early Gender DNA Blood Test is a test offered to women starting as  early as 8 weeks into pregnancy. The genetic test gives you the first step to connect with your baby before you are able to see the exciting clear images from your ultrasound scans. The full service includes an on-site phlebotomist that draws a blood sample in the comfort of our ultrasound studio, and then we return the sample to the lab for processing. The laboratories offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry, with a choice of receiving your result the same day the sample reaches the lab.

View A Miracle is the facility drawing your blood ONLY.  If you should have any issues with recieiving your results, emails, concerns or any other questions pretaining to your test you should contact Sneak Peek’s customer care center @  They reply to emails within 24 hours.


How does our Early Gender DNA Blood Test work?

Our Early Gender DNA Blood Test utilizes the natural process of shared fetal DNA circulating inside the mother’s bloodstream. Our PCR technology has the ability to detect the presence or absence of male Y chromosome in the blood sample provided starting at 8 weeks into pregnancy. If it is detected then the baby’s gender is male and if it is not detected then the baby’s gender is female.

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Early Gender DNA Blood Test Accuracy Studies


Multicenter blinded study conducted at four ultrasound clinics in 2015

The purpose of this study was to assess the clinical performance of our Early Gender Test (Gateway Genomics) for noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) of fetal sex. A multicenter-blinded study was conducted at four ultrasound clinics with maternal blood samples collected from pregnant women between 9 and 35 weeks of gestation. Circulating cell-free DNA was isolated from a micro-volume of maternal plasma and real-time quantitative PCR was performed to detect fetal DNA using a multi-copy sequence on the Y chromosome. An autosomal control gene was used to measure total cell-free DNA (maternal and fetal cfDNA). Sixty maternal plasma samples were tested twice, on different days, to assess the precision of our early gender test.

Cell-free DNA was detected in all maternal blood samples. Y-chromosome DNA was detected in all samples from women carrying a male fetus. Our early gender test correctly identified fetal sex in all samples. Assay precision data showed minimal variation and high reproducibility of results. Fetal sex for all samples was unknown prior to genetic testing and was confirmed via sonographic evaluation at the conclusion of the study. Our gender test accuracy, sensitivity and specificity were each 100% for fetal sex identification. This blinded study showed that our Early Gender Test is highly accurate for fetal sex determination in early pregnancy.

Gestational Age of The 135 Pregnant Participants


Clinical Performance of our Early Gender Test


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