Gender Determination – Do I Want to Know?

Gender determination is something that should not be taken lightly.  Some couples want to know while others are somewhat apprehensive.  In some cases, couples are split on wanting to know.  At the end of the day, gender determination is a private decision that should be made together.  Below are some thoughts to consider as you determine whether gender determination is right for you.

Knowing Ahead of Time

If gender determination is something you and your significant other have decided upon then we can help!  Our registered sonographers are experienced with gender ultrasound.  You can choose to come as early as 6 weeks for early gender DNA blood tests which is 99.5% accurate. If you want to find out at 12 weeks through 2D ultrasound, our registered sonographers can show you baby’s gender with 95-99% accuracy. After 16 weeks, baby’s gender is 100% accurate.  You may want to host your private gender reveal or baby shower on-site by renting our party room to accommodate up to 25 of your guests.Gender Determination – Do I Want to Know?


There is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting to find out the gender of your baby. If gender determination is not something you both have agreed upon together, then it is certainly alright to wait.  The decision is yours and yours alone.  Our registered sonographers can still perform your 3D and 4D ultrasounds.  And, you can still have a baby shower.  It’s just that you choose to enjoy being surprised on the day your precious little one is born!!

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