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Based on your requests and the need to the community, View A Miracle is proud to announce that we are expanding our services.  We now offer OB Diagnostic Scans in a family-friendly atmosphere. Same day evening and weekend appointments will be available to accommodate your busy schedule.

  • Currently seeing a midwife?
  • Don’t want to spend hours at the Hospital?
  • Want to make sure everything is normal with your baby?
  • Looking to bring family members with you?

No insurance? High deductibles? No Worries! Then these added services we now offer are perfect for you! Our OB Diagnostic Ultrasounds at View A Miracle assist those with NO insurance and those with HIGH deductibles.  The report will be sent to you by email, so that you can take it with you to your next appointment.

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FETAL ANATOMY SURVEY ($150 no report) ($200 with report)

Anatomy OB ultrasound which will include measurements of the baby’s head (BPD-bi-parital diameter and HC – head circumference), abdomen (abdominal circumference) and thigh bone (femur length). The 4 chamber view of the heart and outflow tracts, cranial anatomy, stomach, bladder, kidneys, spine, face, extremities, gender (optional), cord insertion and 3vessel cord will be documented.  As well as the placenta location, fetal position and amniotic fluid.  This scan can never completely guarantee that the baby will be born with no birth defects; however, it will give very strong reassurance.

GROWTH SCAN ($85 no report) ($135 with report)

This scan will be performed by measuring the baby’s head (BPD-bi-parital diameter and HC-head circumference), abdomen (abdominal circumference) and thigh bone (femur). As well as the position of the baby, the placental location and amniotic fluid volume.

BIOPHYSICAL PROFILE ~ BPP ($75 no report) ($125 with report)

Performed to check the well-being of the baby after 28 weeks. This will include fetal movements, fetal tone, amniotic fluid volume and to see the baby practicing its’ breathing.  A score of 8/8 is given if these criteria are met.

PREGNANCY CONFIRMATION ($75 no report) ($125 with report)

Confirm Viability/ Gestational Age/ Transabdominal or Transvaginal- Beginning as early as 6 weeks, this ultrasound is performed to determine how many weeks pregnant you are, the location and number of gestational sacs, to measure the baby and to see the baby’s heartbeat.

PLACENTA LOCATION ($75 no report) ($125 with report)

Performed to see where the edge of the placenta is located in relationship to the cervix.

AMNIOTIC FLUID VOLUME ~ AFI($75 no report) ($125 with report)

Performed to accurately record the amount of fluid surrounding the baby.

FETAL POSITION ($75 no report) ($125 with report)

Performed to see if your baby is head down (vertex) or head up (breech). This is normally done after 36 weeks.

CERVICAL LENGTH ($75 no report) ($125 with report)

To evaluate the length of the cervix; any time after 16 weeks.

First Trimester Screening ($85 no report) ($135 with report)

This test is done between 11 and 14 weeks gestation.  We will measure the baby from the head to the bottom (CRL, crown rump length).  We will measure the back of the baby’s neck to obtain a nuchal lucency measurement.  This test does not include the additional blood work that some doctor’s require.  Please make sure that a nuchal lucency test is all that your Physician is asking for.