What to Look for When Considering an 3D/4D HDLIVE Ultrasound Center

What to Look for When Considering an 3D/4D HDLIVE Ultrasound Center

Part One

Not all 3D/4D HDLIVE ultrasound centers are on the same playing field.  You want to make sure you are dealing with a 3D/4D HDLIVE ultrasound center that is reputable, caring and able to provide you with the precious moments that can only be captured once in a lifetime.  How do you find a quality 3D/4D HDLIVE ultrasound center? There are numerous factors to consider when deciding on which one to choose.

Registered Sonographer

It is important to make sure that the 3D/4D HDLIVE ultrasound center you choose has a registered sonographer performing your scans.  View A Miracle’s owner has been a registered sonographer with the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) since 1995 and is highly proficient in the art of 3D/4D and HDLIVE ultrasound technology.  Her past experience in high-risk obstetrics affords her a level of experience and compassion that is rarely present in most 3D/4D HDLIVE ultrasound centers.

Gender DNA Test / Gender Blood Test

Advanced 3D/4D HDLIVE ultrasound centers now offer a gender DNA test, also known as a gender blood test.  The gender DNA test / gender blood test has been proven effective in making gender determination in as early as nine weeks. Choosing a 3D/4D HDLIVE ultrasound center that offers this test is something to consider if early gender determination is important to you. View A Miracle offers the gender DNA test / gender blood test, as well as gender determination ultrasound.  We can even complement these services with a gender reveal party.

Ultrasound Price

Ultrasound price is a factor when considering which 3D/4D HDLIVE ultrasound center to consider.  View A Miracle prides ourselves on providing quality services at affordable prices.  We offer a variety of different ultrasound price points to accommodate all budgets.

Our next article will discuss more aspects to consider when choosing a 3D/4D HDLIVE ultrasound center, including quality of the equipment, add-on services such as gender reveal party space and party favors, and customer reviews.  If you would like to learn more about View A Miracle or need to schedule an appointment or tour of our facility, give us a call today!