Why Do I Need to Drink Water Before a 3D/4D or HDLIVE Ultrasound?

Why Do I Need to Drink Water Before a 3D/4D or HDLIVE Ultrasound?

Drinking plenty of water before your 3D/4D or HDLIVE Ultrasound is important for a few reasons:

Clearer Images

Drinking water not only helps increase the amniotic fluid around your baby, but it also helps make the fluid clearer.  The more amniotic fluid, the better the images, especially in the facial area.

Gender Determination

Clearer images can help us make a more definitive gender determination.  Some people combine 3D/4D and HDLIVE Ultrasound with a gender DNA test, also known as a gender blood test.   Many parents-to-be combine the gender DNA test/gender blood test with a 3D/4D or HDLIVE ultrasound for confirmation.

In general, most women should start drinking approximately eight glasses of eight ounces of water each day for about a week before your ultrasound.  If your doctor recommends a different amount, always follow your doctors instructions.  You should also drink plenty of water the day of your appointment and refrain from using the restroom until after your 3D/4D or HDLIVE ultrasound. In addition to water, consider drinking juice or another drink with natural sugars before your 3D/4D or HDLIVE ultrasound.  This can help make your baby be more active.

Once you know if you are having a boy or a girl either via gender DNA test/gender blood test and/or ultrasound, we can help you with your gender reveal party.  View A Miracle has a private gender reveal party room as well as exciting and unique gender reveal party favors to help you make your big announcement.

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