Baby Shower Games – Tell Us Your Favorites

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Everyone loves a baby shower, but not everyone loves run-of-the-mill baby shower games. We’d love to hear about your favorite baby shower games – comment below to tell us!

DIY expert, Denise Wild, shares fun and creative baby shower games that will keep your guests entertained.

Baby Shower Games - Tell Us Your Favorites
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  1. Karen C.
    Karen C. says:

    Guess The Baby Game – You have to plan this baby shower game before you send baby shower invitations. With each baby shower invitation, include a note instructing guests to bring along a picture of themselves as babies. As each guest arrives, assign a number to each picture and post it up on the wall or on a table. Have each guest guess which picture corresponds to each guest. After everyone is finished guessing (and laughing), give a prize to the person with the most matches.

  2. JoAnn Richards
    JoAnn Richards says:

    Guess the Mother’s Measurements: Pass around a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors at the baby shower. Tell each guest to cut off a length of string that they think corresponds to the size of the mother’s belly. When everyone has a piece of string, invite each person up to try their luck measuring the mother’s belly. Whoever has a string that comes closest to being a perfect measurement, wins.

  3. Kelly
    Kelly says:


    As baby shower guests arrive, give each guest a diaper pin to wear on her shirt. Once all of your guests have arrived, tell everyone that they can’t say the word ‘baby’ until it’s time to open presents. If anyone hears someone else saying the word ‘baby’, she can steal that person’s pin. At the end of the game, the person with the most pins wins a gift. We played this at my cousin’s baby shower and it was a lot of fun.

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