No Insurance or High Co-Pays? No Worries, We Can Help!

No Insurance or High Co-Pays?  No Worries, We Can Help!

Many insurance companies have high out-of-pocket costs and co-pays, especially when it comes to obstetrics.  View A Miracle does not want these high costs and/or the fact that a woman may not be covered by insurance to deter her from receiving certain services during her pregnancy. We employ highly qualified registered sonographers.  New Jersey residents trust us to provide affordable, quality services that may otherwise be difficult for them to pay for at their physician’s office.

Obstetric Ultrasounds

Don’t let the 3D ultrasound price quoted at your doctor’s office deter you.  View A Miracle offers all types of obstetric ultrasounds including medical ultrasounds and diagnostic scans.  Best of all, we have options where we can provide you with a full report to take to your doctor. Obstetric ultrasounds we can perform include fetal anatomy survey, growth scans, biophysical profile, pregnancy confirmation, placenta location, amniotic fluid volume, fetal position, cervical length and first trimester screening.

Gender Reveal

We have two types of tests we can use for gender reveal.  The first is ultrasound, which is performed by our registered sonographer.  Gender can be determined by ultrasound with 100% accuracy as early as 16 weeks.  The newest gender reveal service we offer is the gender blood test.  This is where we take a small sample of blood and have it examined to detect the presence or absence of the male Y chromosome.  A gender blood test can be performed as early as nine weeks.

View A Miracle wants everyone to be able to have access to diagnostic scans, obstetric ultrasounds and gender reveal tests.  If hearing the 3D ultrasound price quote at your physician’s office has you thinking twice, give us a call today!