Yes, We Offer Affordable OB Scans!

Yes, We Offer Affordable OB Scans!

Yes, We Offer Affordable OB Scans!

Medical ultrasounds can be very pricey, especially if you have a high insurance deductible or no insurance at all.  Even with insurance, some carriers limit the number and type of medical ultrasounds they cover.  View A Miracle is proud to offer affordable OB scans, medical ultrasounds, diagnostic scans and sonograms. For an additional $50 a medical report will be emailed directly to you. You will then bring it to your next OB appointment.

Below are some of the medical ultrasounds we offer:

Yes, We Offer Affordable OB Scans!

Fetal Position Scan

It is important to know if your baby might be breech. The fetal position scan is a type of medical ultrasound which allows us to see if your baby is head down or head up.  We generally perform this at 36 weeks.

Amniotic Fluid Volume (AFI)

We offer this affordable OB scan which records the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding your baby.

Placenta Location

This is another affordable OB scan which allows us to see where the edge of the placenta is located in relation to the cervix.

Pregnancy Confirmation

Performed either transabdominal or transvaginal, this medical ultrasound confirms pregnancy,  determines how far along you are, identifies the location of gestational sacs, records your baby’s heartbeat and measures your baby’s size.

Biophysical Profile (BPP)

This medical ultrasound checks your baby’s overall well-being, including movement, tone, breathing and amniotic fluid volume.

Growth Scan

We offer this affordable OB scan to measure your baby’s head, thigh bone and abdomen.  We can also see the placental location, the baby’s position and determine amniotic fluid volume.

Fetal Anatomy Survey

This comprehensive and affordable OB scan is a Level 1 medical OB ultrasound.  We measure your baby’s head, abdomen, and thigh bone and view your baby’s heart, cranial anatomy, face, spine and extremities.  We also look at your baby’s other vital organs, including stomach, bladder and kidneys. Cord insertion, 3vessel cord, placenta location, fetal location and amniotic fluid will be documented as well.

Without insurance, these OB scans and medical ultrasounds can cost upwards of $1000 when performed at your doctor’s office.  Even with insurance, you could face hundreds of dollars in deductibles and co-pays.  We perform affordable OB scans and medical ultrasounds right in our office and if added on will transmit a medical report for you to take to your physician.

Yes, We Offer Affordable OB Scans!

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