What is the Difference Between a Gender Reveal Ultrasound and Gender DNA Test?

What is the Difference Between a Gender Reveal Ultrasound and Gender DNA Test?

View A Miracle offers two types of gender determination testing: the gender reveal 2D ultrasound and gender DNA blood test (a.k.a. gender blood test).  We are often asked about the differences between the two, how early they can be performed, and their percentage of accuracy.  Let’s take a closer look at both the gender reveal ultrasound and gender DNA blood test to answer these questions:

Gender Reveal Ultrasound

A gender reveal ultrasound is a safe, painless and accurate method of gender determination.  A gender reveal ultrasound involves placing a transducer on your belly.  The transducer produces sound waves that emit echo’s to create a picture of your baby.  Gender determination via gender reveal ultrasound is 95% to 99% accurate between 12 to 15 weeks.  At 16 weeks, gender determination can be made with 100% accuracy.

Gender DNA Test / Gender Blood Test

The gender DNA blood test is an extremely accurate method of gender determination. The gender DNA blood test can be performed as early as six weeks with 99.5% accuracy. Our package includes a transvaginal ultrasound to make sure baby is measuring at least six weeks and that baby also has a heartbeat. If either of the two conditions are not met, we will not draw your blood. If baby is at least 6 weeks and has a heartbeat, our in-house phlebotomist gently draws a small sample of blood from mommy-to-be. The sample is sent to a lab to determine the presence or absence of the male Y chromosome. If you are planning a gender reveal, we highly recommend giving yourself 10-14 days for the results (results emailed directly to you from the lab in 4-7 business days). Pay an extra $50 for fast 2 business day results. You may choose to return to View A Miracle at 12 weeks to confirm baby’s gender through 2D ultrasound.

Don’t trust just anyone with your gender reveal ultrasound and/or gender DNA test / gender blood test. If you are pregnant and interested in gender determination, View A Miracle is equipped with the latest technology and compassionate, qualified staff to ensure you have a memorable experience.  Book your appointment today!