Big Day, Big Announcement!

Big Day, Big Announcement!

View A Miracle can help make your gender reveal party exciting and memorable.  Need a place to celebrate?  We have a private party room and courtyard. We also have fun gender reveal party favors to help you make your big announcement. Let’s take a look:

Sports Items

We offer a variety of gender reveal party sports items including soccer balls, baseballs, footballs, golf balls, basketballs, hockey pucks, MMA bags, burnout for tires, tennis balls, and softballs.  Each safely explode with pink or blue powder upon contact!

Specialty Items

Not sure what you want to use for your big gender reveal?  Make your gender reveal party unique with a specialty item.  Popular choices include question mark piñatas, smoke bombs, gender reveal flutter fetti sticks, confetti cannons and powder cannons.


Balloons are a popular gender reveal option. We can stuff a large box full of pink or blue balloons, or, we can even fill a large 36″ helium decorative balloon with pink or blue confetti.

View A Miracle is New Jersey’s choice for early gender determination.  A gender DNA test/gender blood test can make gender determination with 99.1% accuracy starting as early as eight weeks.  Many women follow-up their gender DNA/gender blood test with a gender determination ultrasound. In most cases, a gender determination ultrasound can be conducted as early as 12 weeks with 95%-99% accuracy. At 16 weeks, gender determination is 100% accurate.  Give us a call to learn more about our gender DNA/gender blood test, gender determination ultrasound and gender reveal party options today!