To all of Pregnant Mommies:

This is a trying time for all individuals, businesses and churches with the COVID-19 virus.  I have given much thought and prayer about this uncertain time in our lives.  I truly believe that we all need to have hope and joy in our lives during this time and babies are truly a miracle and can bring us that happiness that we all need.

I will be open for all of your emergency Ob and Gyn medical ultrasounds.  I am a Registered Sonographer with over 30 years of experience in high risk OB and Gyn. Your ultrasound will be performed in a safe environment.  We are now allowing you plus 5 guests in your party during your scheduled appointment time in the office.  We are doing everything possible to keep the area clean and safe for you.

If you are having abnormal bleeding, you don’t feel the baby moving or any other complications during your pregnancy and you don’t want to be exposed to the hospital environment then consider coming here to View A Miracle.  Again,  I have been doing medical ultrasounds for a long time and I have a Radiologist (Doctor) who can read and generate a medical report if you need one.  I also will contact your doctor if there are any abnormal findings.  

Safety is our top priority and I honestly feel that you will be safer here than entering into the hospitals at this time.

God Bless,